Version 0.1.3 is out now!

Hey there, lovely peeps!

A new update has just dropped for Death, Love & Carrots, bringing the game to its current version 0.1.3. It's not a big one, sorry (those usually take longer), but it brings some cool and interesting new features and additions nonetheless:

  • BOSS FIGHT! Yep... you may now stand toe to toe with the first boss enemy in the game. Or... toe to root?
  • The Bunny-Squirrel-Banter clusterfudge continues, culminating in the conclusion of the first story chapter.
  • Quality of Life improvements: added sign posts, some additional UI elements as well as more / refined dialogue.
  • Improved collision code for slopes (you shouldn't get stuck anymore... or not as often. Hopefully. Can you test plz?)
  • Several "under-the-hood" improvements and minor bug fixes.

Stay updated on all things DLC (god, I love that acronym) at @DLC_GG on Twitter!


DLC_Game_v0.1.3.exe 20 MB
Apr 22, 2019

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