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"Hi, I'm Bella. I curse a lot and I hate people, especially those who steal my stuff. When in doubt, always blame the goddamn squirrel."
This is a game about cute animals with a bad attitude, deadly weapons and a range of other abilities at their disposal.
You'll be able to experience a story full of theft, betrayal, violence and mystery...

Master two unique characters in one, all while navigating a world riddled with various threats around every corner.


Q: Why is this game not free?

A: This game's status is currently set to "in development" which means that you fully acknowledge you're purchasing an incomplete title. This is common practice for basically every "early access" type of game and nothing new.

Please note however that some initial support is very much essential in this case, as continuing the dev process according to current plans would be extremely hard to pull off otherwise.

Q: Will there be a Steam / macOS / Linux / whatever version?

A: Very likely! Given enough time for development and testing, the goal is to bring Death, Love & Carrots to as many platforms as possible.

Q: I'm having technical difficulties / I found a bug, what now?

A: Feel free to leave a comment, or better yet, send an email with your inquiry directly to support@thraxxmedia.com

Q: Will there be more locations?

A: Absolutely. The finished game is going to take place in at least five different environments, each with their own art assets and level designs.

Q: The story is weird and makes no sense and the animals are stupid.

A: That's not a question.
But... thanks, I guess?

Q: Isn't the "Tower Attack" mode basically just a Jump King rip-off?

A: I call this inspiration - you can't technically "steal" a common idea or concept, for example: there are countless Battle Royale type of games on the market. They're perfectly allowed to co-exist just fine. Why ever would a vertical platforming mode be any different?

Q: Would you ever consider an EPIC exclusive deal if this game gains some traction?

A: Are you fucking kidding me?!


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Hi there, I bought your game an hour ago and just finished it a few minutes ago. Aside from that one block in the Potesta Caves which I kept trying to jump onto only to die multiple times, and not getting to find out why the tree got annoyed with us (no thanks to Bella being impatient and rude with the tree), I enjoyed playing your game very much.

I look forward to playing the full game once it's out :D

Your font on this page is too big for me though, so I suggest reducing it where possible :)


Hi, thanks for your honest message! :)

I've said this in another conversation: Bella is very much supposed to be annoying in her attitude, but for a reason. I'm still at a stage where I'm collecting feedback though, so if it turns out to be too much, expect it to be dialed down in future levels. Maybe from the 11, where it's currently at, to a 9 or so. :P

As for the tree being angry at the player... well, I suppose time will tell. :D Rest assured, this didn't come out of nowhere.

Also thanks for the feedback regarding the font! I obviously wanted to create a site that's reflecting the pixel art style, thus choosing this font because it was... well... pixelated; little did I know how bad it actually looks in terms of size and spacing, so maybe I'll just replace it entirely some day. This has been one of my own concerns for quite some time as well, though I have yet to act on it. My apologies.

Out of curiosity: which block in particular gave you such a headache?

Here's hoping you had a wonderful Christmas!


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Yes, I went into the game fully expecting Bella to be foul-mouthed, especially with Luna and when she locked herself out of her own home; having her acknowledge Luna's upgrade to be cooler than hers, and never hearing the end of it, was quite satisfying XD

After beating the tree, I was expecting the thief to pop out of the tree, but was taken aback when we realised that the tree itself was talking to us :o . Still, at least you left one mystery for us to resolve once the full game is out, especially since the tree was rightfully angry for being attacked in the first place :p

No worries about the font; there are other games on this website that use the same style of font as your game's page, though their font size is much smaller to begin with, so it's easier for me to read. I had to reduce the Zoom level on the Chrome browser to 67% in order to comfortably read your game description and the myriad comments on your page :p

Ah, now we come to the block that gave me a hard time: in the bottom-most area of the Potesta Caves (after falling down a long shaft), where there's a lot of jumping from block to block above an abyss, there's this section where the second purple-faced plant shoots fireballs. The block in question (if I remember correctly) is the one which you have to jump down to from a block located a medium distance away (and above), and there is a part of the ceiling which is lined up on the same Y axis as the block you're trying to jump onto.

I wasn't sure whether you had purposely placed the ceiling block in that particular location or not, but I did have to jump (& die) many times to jump onto the lower block, such that I would use up all my 6 lives. It would have been okay to deal with if I didn't have to sit through a long 'Game Over' scene repeatedly (with no way of skipping straight to the Main Menu) D:

I would have prepared a screenshot and post it up here for your reference, but I didn't want to go through that area again DX

Anyhow, thank you for the festive wishes, and I wish you and your family a Merry (belated) Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D

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Hey there!

Thanks again for coming back with this pretty detailed reply, which is much appreciated. See, this is what I call a "best case scenario" when it comes to feedback. Now I may actually go and look if that block is indeed a tough one (maybe too tough for that early in the game, compared to everything else?) and - if need be - fix it. I did a similar thing in the past, where someone wasn't able to get out of the underground area located to the left of the start of the level. It was possible, but required you to time your jump almost perfectly. So I extended the platform, and BOOM - problem solved.

What is baffling me a little bit though, is the fact that you seem to have passed the frozen "bee gauntlet" section (after the boss) just fine, yet that block jumping part gave you a hard time. I find this particularly odd because you'd have to perform some pretty precise maneuvers with Luna and her double jump to even make it to the other side of the former. This is where I intended the difficulty to ramp up.

But balancing this kind of stuff is one of the fun parts (at least for me) in game dev. :)

Also thanks for the comment on the "Game Over" screen - there's no reason for it to be unskippable, since you can skip the intro sequence; both are based on the same room (technically speaking, it's a separate level). I'll have that fixed with the next update.

/edit: I just tested it, and you can indeed skip the "Game Over" screen already (in the same way you can do with the intro sequence); just hit Escape on the keyboard. I'll probably change it to "any key" in a future build though.


You're welcome, though to be fair, I didn't give a full explanation on my part: after dying many times due to not reaching the block properly, I had first changed the difficulty from 'Filthy Casual' to 'GG Ez', and changed the CC number from 4 to 5 slots (I had no idea what it meant, but thought it would help in some way), thinking it would help to make that block easier to deal with, but it didn't; some time after getting past that block and reaching the surface, I faced off with the tree boss, and after finally beating it (after a few deaths, give or take), I was elated, only to accidentally that out a frozen bee while heading through the gauntlet, dying, then not being able to use Luna at all to get through that segment.

After that, instead of going through the gauntlet again, I decided to check out the other section of spikes (below the area with the 'It's a Secret to Everybody' signpost), cleared one set of frozen spikes, died, then set the difficulty to 'Urinalist'.  After that, I braced myself to fall again while getting through the frozen bee gauntlet, but didn't take damage from the spikes, much to my surprise. Soon after, I obtained the health boost, reached the end of the demo, reloaded the game, then went through the frozen spike section below the 'Secret' signpost, and then stopped the game.

Hmm, I had no idea that I could skip the Intro and Game Over sequences by pressing the Escape button; it didn't occur to me that I could even skip those sections to begin with, since I had not thought of skipping those sections. Now you can see why I got so frustrated from dying numerous times, which led me to changing the difficulty settings down to 'Urinalist' (which is a nice play on the word 'Journalist', according to one of the websites that reviewed your demo) :p

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Hahah, why yes :'D I like a good play on words every now and again. That's why the "Urinalist" mode is basically like cheating (hence no damage from spikes), since there's been plenty of examples in the past of journalists being unable to finish a game for review, then complaining it was "too hard" or whatever.

The CC Slots option is related to the Twitch integration feature, which is undocumented at this point and only briefly mentioned in the latest devlog post, if I'm not mistaken. It controls how many slots for "crowd control" effects there are, meaning: if you set it to 5, people from your Twitch chat (if you have any) will be able to apply up to 5 effects to your game. Have a look at the "twitch.ini" file from the game's installation folder for more info on that.

As for not being able to use Luna in the segment you mentioned - you regain the ability to switch forms with every acorn pickup. There should've been one right at the beginning of the bee section. Here's some clarification about how acorns work: first of all, they serve as checkpoints; so whenever you die, you respawn at the last acorn you picked up. Second, they grant you an extra life if you grab one while already having the ability to switch forms. Knowing this, you can pretty much "save-scum" and farm lives that way.

At first this was an oversight that I thought had to be fixed, but then ultimately left it in there because why the heck not. For speedrunners, it's a waste of time (since you'd have to quit to the main menu, then restart from where you left off, and only gain 1 life in the process each time), and for regular players it's a nice way to overcome challenges that would otherwise be impossible for them.

Another fun fact is that the maximum amount of acorns you may pick up changes with difficulty. At the highest, you have no spare lives at all; at the lowest, you can collect up to 99. And here's a few more tips / hints / observations that I made while playing myself:

I examined the block you mentioned, and I don't necessarily find it any harder (or easier, for that matter) than any of the others down there. Your character actually has a "jump buffer", sometimes referred to as "coyote time", meaning that you're still able to jump for a couple of frames after walking off the edge of a platform or elevation. This should give you enough leeway to easily make it. The trick is simply not to let go of the "move left" button, whatever key you may have assigned for it. Perhaps you fell short because you let go too early, in fear of "overshooting" the block? Don't. This segment is supposed to teach you exactly that: you should pay attention to the mechanics of your jumps, and when to go for max distance versus aiming for a precise landing. I personally find it way easier to play through this section as Bella, since Luna can feel a bit unpredictable if you accidentally trigger a double jump and mess up because of it.

Speaking of using Bella; there's supposed to be an achievement (planned for the future) that requires you to play through this whole level without ever switching to Luna. While this may seem impossible for obvious reasons - the most apparent one being that you need her to get out of the carrot hoard / rabbit hole - it's actually very much doable if you figure out an alternative approach for grabbing the gun. There's a VERY tight jump that has to be pretty much perfect, if you're going for a Bella only run, though: below ground, right before you go down the long shaft, where you need to cross a pit of spikes while two piranha plants attack you... be careful there.

And last but certainly not least, quick question: have you dabbled with the two challenge modes yet? :) I'm curious to hear what you think about the "Tower Attack" idea in particular, and whether or not you think I should pursue and build upon it more. It's supposed to be a challenging climb that has no real plot (at least not in the scale of the main story) and is just there for some mindless dumb fun. Or to make you rage-quit, depending on what type of person you are. :D

PS: I've reduced the overall font size across the whole page, I hope it's better now. Pro-tip: if you click on the timestamp of a post, it'll bring you to another page where the text is not stylized and way easier to read. :)


So I downloaded and played through enough of this game. The controls weren't terribly responsive, but this was offset by the fact that the game wasn't terribly challenging either. The combo of this immediately made me wary, but I kept playing.

The protagonist was vulgar and rude, none of which in an endearing or good way. She just came off like a whiny child - I did not enjoy her, nor did I enjoy any of the stale and lifeless supporting cast. The attempts at humor just came off as boorish and aggravating pandering to a much more immature player.

The most this game has going for it is the spritework. It looks fairly well drawn, but this as well is offset by the unflattering and ugly color tones. The game is unattractive, somewhat resembling a public toilet aesthetic than the whimsical forest it hopes to emulate.

The game could use improvement. There might be something there, after a LOT of fine tuning and complete shaving. But in its current state, this is a waste of five dollars.

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Hello there, thank you very much for your feedback. Please allow me to address some of the points you made, for I think it's fair to have a healthy discussion - which naturally includes hearing both sides of an argument before making any sort of decision.

  • I don't quite get what you mean by saying the controls weren't terribly responsive. Would you be so kind to elaborate what exactly felt off and/or didn't work the way you were expecting it to work? Ideally, I'd be very happy if you could provide an example of a game that has responsive controls (by your definition) so I may try it and see the difference for myself.
  • The protagonist is indeed a pretty vulgar and rude one, just as they're supposed to be; the fact that you identified them as "immature" tells me that they evoked exactly the right kind of feeling that was intended to begin with. While, yes, this may not be to everyone's liking, there are many characters in video game as well as general pop culture that are perceived as repulsive or unpleasant for a reason. I'm sorry that you weren't satisfied and seem to prefer a rather "traditional" approach of everyone being as bland as they are predictably good-spirited.
  • I did not create the spritework myself; having played the game extensively to make up your very informed opinion, I'd reckon you know this already. The creator of the environment and character graphics in particular is a user named ansimuz here on itch.io; I suggest you visit his page to let him know how you feel about his art, so he may have the opportunity to do better in the future as well. As for the ugly and unflattering color palette, I again have to apologize. Test runs with several focus groups led to the conclusion that an environment with different tones (like for example pink, purple, cyan, aqua or silver) apparently wasn't convincing enough to be accepted as what you would find in an actual forest. I can't for the life of me imagine why.
  • Please tell me where you found a public toilet with aesthetics that resemble this game, I'd very much love to use it!
  • Seeing that you newly created your itch.io account about two hours ago, around the same time you wrote your comment, I appreciate the effort and dedication. Not everyone would go to these great lengths just to shower a thing they didn't like with criticism as constructive as yours. Well done sir, and might I say - I'm looking forward to maybe, some day, see some of your very own projects where you show everyone how it's done better. I can tell a person's expertise just by looking at a single sentence, and you surely bring it in spades. No doubt about it.
  • According to my records, you didn't pay anything for this game, so I'm glad your five dollars weren't wasted. :)

Thanks again for the honest feedback, and I hope you're having a nice rest of your day.


Your catty and underhanded tone is duly noted.

The controls themselves were unresponsive in that jumping felt delayed and restrictive, and movement felt slowed and not terribly well-paced. I felt far more like I was playing a point and click adventure game than a platformer.

I did not say I prefer a traditional or cheerful spirited approach to a character - I know and understand that there are many characters who are beloved in part BECAUSE of their vulgarity, such as Conker the Squirrel. The difference is that characters like that are A) funny, and B) charming. Bella, on the other hand, is neither of these things.

I'm glad to know about ansimuz is responsible for the spritework - like I've said, his work is largely the only true positive this game has going for it right now. Were I to visit his page, I would offer him nothing but support - given that he's not the one who needs to improve. You clearly are. And quite honestly, it's gross that you would try to buck off the criticisms you're receiving onto him.

As for the rest of your commentary, I find your deflective and condescending attitude towards these criticisms - scathing as they may be - tremendously disappointing. Nothing in my original post was an attack on you or your game, yet you appear to have construed it as such, given that you want me to submit a project that is "done better" to prove my word.

I would suggest you look up the case between Jim Sterling and Digital Homicide Studios, specifically the one involving their game "The Slaughtering Grounds" - infamously known for a game developer who deflected criticisms in similar ways that you have. Despite all this, I stand by my original notion, even though I doubt you will take any of these critiques in mind - Death, Love & Carrots in its current state is not a good game.

(3 edits) (+1)

Frankly, I'm tired of your ramblings.

I'm as much "deflecting" criticism as you're pulling it out of thin air. First off, you still haven't provided any kind of example of a game with better / more responsive controls. All I have is your word that you think your experience was terrible, when in actual fact there are way more people on record who've told me otherwise. And don't even get me started on proving, from a technical analysis point of view, that what you said is absolute bogus. I could do that in a heartbeat, but I'm not going to, since it'd be a waste of time and energy.

Secondly, how you feel about a character is purely subjective. Attempting to compare one that was created by a larger renowned studio (RARE, in the case of Conker) to one that was created by a single person within the scope of their very first commercial game ever... that's extremely rude and disproportionate.

Third, I didn't buck off any criticism onto ansimuz. It was you who said the color tones were ugly and unflattering, resembling a public toilet aesthetic. Ergo, since he created the art, you were literally saying that his work sucks. Either way, you've been caught in a lie. You can't just say "I like and support his stuff" while at the same time telling others who use it that it's crap. It doesn't work that way.

And lastly - you claim that nothing from your original post was an attack on my game. If that's true, explain to me the following:

  • Why did you post with an anonymous, newly created account?
  • Why did you even mention the price when you didn't pay anything to begin with?
  • Why did your original post not contain a single idea or suggestion on how to perhaps remedy any of the points you criticised?

Criticism is usually expected to be constructive, meaning that it should contribute positively to the discussion. Your original post has no hint of positivity about it whatsoever. The only thing you remotely acknowledged as being fine (and not even in an honest way) was the work of someone else. Funny that, it almost looks like as if you came here not because of the game itself, but because you have an issue with me as a person. And that, if true, would be highly despicable. Bashing someone's livelihood for strictly personal reasons is beyond disgusting. If all you wanted to do was tell me how little respect you have for me, you could've done that via email or direct message.

I am well aware of the Jim Sterling vs. Digital Homicide Studios case. I don't see how it applies here though; if you really think that people would just idly sit on their hands and take anyone's and everyone's flak all day - especially when it's coming across as disrespectful, unconstructive and contradictory as yours - you'd be sorely mistaken. There's a difference between deflecting criticism and calling out bad actors. And since I'm not employed by any kind of big company with suits dictating what I can and cannot say publicly, I don't much care if any of my words offend you. After all, being offended doesn't mean you're right.

It's very obvious that you don't like me, or my game, for whatever reason. But remember: just as I had the choice to either reply to your post, or to delete it and ban you - you as well had the choice to simply walk away and bother someone else. Nobody was pointing a gun to your head, telling you to leave a comment. This is particularly puzzling since you went out of your way and registered an account to do just that... begging the question as to why.

All of the above being said, and after re-reading your original post and reply... I'm glad I disappointed you.


All well and good, but the game is still bad and largely will go forgotten. I don't see you going anywhere in the market with this kind of attitude.

The only thing more unpleasant than your game design is you as a person. Tootles.

(1 edit)

You failed to answer the most basic questions and instead attempted to bait me into some sort of rage or whatever. All you've brought forth are nonsense statements and your very own, petty opinion nobody asked for. In fact, your strategy backfired when you were unable to defend your position as I was calling you out. You've done the very thing you accused me of - that is, deflecting criticism. You see, criticism is a door that swings both ways; it's not a pass for you to go around insulting people on a whim.

Anyways, I won't feed into your trolling any longer. This conversation is over.

p.s. only just  noticed your Q&A regarding Steam, so please ignore my question about  a Steam release.  Great news.  :)


Never mind, every bit of feedback is much appreciated :) the reason why I haven't put this on Steam yet is twofold: first, there simply isn't quite enough content yet. I believe a Steam release should always be something substantial, at least at its core (even if the game would still be in early access).

And second, releasing on Steam usually comes with a fee that I cannot afford at the moment, unfortunately. It's not astronomical by any means, but it's just not worth it if I can't be sure whether or not the sales will be able to recover it.

Hi, I've not been accessing my Itch.io account recently, so have only just seen your reply sent almost three months ago. I understand.  I do hope to see it  on Steam eventually. Good luck with development of this and any other games you may be  planning or working on.

The game looks excellent.  I'd love to see this game released on Steam; perhaps in early access until it's finished. 

I would certainly consider buying it if it was released there as I prefer to keep my games in one place (i.e. client). 

As Steam has a fantastic community and some innovative game tools  that allow me to keep my library  they way I like it, I've stopped buying games  from other sources. 

As I have thousands of games (my Steam profile is Whiterabbit-uk), I don't mind missing out on games I would like to purchase; so its always nice to see   games such as yours  released to Steam.

I'm all for supporting small indie developers like yourself who release decent games; not the £0.79 games that seem to abound on Steam that in the main have been released  by wanna be developers using those free game engines to    released  umpteen  trash games  with virtually no real  game play value; most can hardly be called a game. 

Please excuse the rant.  :)

Regards Whiterabbit-uk

I'd like to know what's the average time to beat this game?

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Since it's not out of development yet, you can't really "beat" the game. In its current state however, I'd say the average player would be spending anywhere between 15-45 minutes to see absolutely everything, depending on your platforming skills.

Of course, this doesn't include any content updates that are still to come. The finished product is intended to take several hours to beat.

Is there a press kit available? I'd like to learn more about the game.

Not quite yet, I'm afraid. But the game is currently free to download until the end of December, so you could test it to your heart's content. :)

Supported your game at our blog https://belongplay.ru/death-love-and-carrots/

Thanks for making such nice game free.


I uploaded the .exe to Virus Total and it detected adware. Explain this.

It's a false positive. The game is entirely made in GameMaker Studio 2 and uses no external or third party plugins; so if you have any concerns, please report to YoYo Games (the creators of the engine).

Привет !!! Не могу установить игру :( !!! После запуска установщика "DLC_Game_v0.1.5" - в сообщении пишет что версия этого файла "не совместима" с моей (Windiws 7*64) !!! Как "решить" проблему (хочу поиграть) - подскажите пожалуйста (характеристики требований  игры - не "указаны" - где их можно  "посмотреть") ?


Hello, can you please send me a screenshot of the error you're getting? Preferably in English, since I don't speak Russian, unfortunately.

Здравствуйте, не могли бы вы прислать мне скриншот ошибки, которую вы получаете? Желательно на английском, поскольку, к сожалению, я не говорю по-русски. (Гугл переводчик)

Привет !!!

Решил "проблему" - отключением "Download Master" (он скачивал не 20 Мб - а 40 Кб) !!!

Гугл-Хром скачал весь файл (20 Мб) и я уже установил игру - спасибо за Вашу помощь, и игру :) !!!

В настройках игры есть "выбор" языка в игре - но он не меняется. Будет ли доступны разные варианты "выборов" языка в игре (Русский язык и так далее - для STEAM, хочу знать на будущее - чтобы купить её и играть на выбранном мною языке) ? Заранее Вам благодарен !!!

(1 edit)

Currently there is only one language available (English). More localization options will follow once the game is completed. Right now I can't say though when that will be.

Понял Вас - спасибо !!!

Looks cool, really glad to see such high quality spritework from a solo indie dev.